Monday, July 20, 2015


I went on an Internet hiatus the last few weeks, and it was good.

I was amazed at how much more productive I was during that time without social media distracting me. I was able to get so much housework done, did a lot of cooking and baking, got completely caught up on laundry, spent a lot of extra time in God's Word, did some rearranging in our home, and spent a lot of time doing tasks outside in the gardens and with the animals. I also had time to spend reading aloud with the kids, something we haven't really done since we finished up our homeschool year back in May.

It's been good.

And although I'm back online now, I'm going to make sure that I restrict my access. That means that the laptop stays off and put away during the day until all of my tasks are completed, and even after that, I know that I need to put a time limit on myself.

I have come to realize that I was using the Internet as a way to kind of escape the everyday drudgery. I would look online for inspiration, but I would spend so much time looking that I didn't have any time to do. And then, of course, there is the comparison trap that we all fall into from time to time.

Anyway, did I mention that going offline was good?

It's been a good month.  A productive month. A focused month. A restful month. A contented month.


Unknown said...

Amber, I wondered about you, hoping all was well. Thanks for the post as a reminder that we all need to back away from time to time. Love your pictures as always.


KathyB. said...

Good for you ! When I was a homeschooling mom most people in the lower 48 hadn't heard of such a thing, and there was no internet to gobble up time, no smart phones, no pressure to be on social networks. Although I enjoy all of these things, I feel sad for so many living and growing up in such a mind-cluttering world. I am going to keep blogging but have decided to take a vacation from Facebook for a month. I have been surprised by how much time Facebook consumes and I don't even play any games on it. Blessings. (I love the photos.)

Monica said...

Glad you had a great month. Missed you while you were gone. Love all the pictures in this post.

karen said...

off line is always good, but being online is fun as well, there lies the problem! Lovely photos of your family enjoying the summer days :)

My Garden Diaries said...

I'm with you! I have been off too and it has been great! Like you I will be monitoring how much I'm on so that the important things get done first! Beautiful photos....have a great week!! Nicole xo

doo said...

I was just thinking the same thing tonight about my time on facebook. I was dx with type II diabetes not long ago and i joined several support groups on there...ive spent so much time going through their information and bookmarking things that i know i will never be able to get to all the pages and videos if i dont back away and start watching and reading what i already have! Although its been a great help its information overload without actually learning anything! :-)
I enjoyed the photos and i thought everyone looked relaxed, even before i read your post.
I hope you dont mind but i saved one of your pictures of the kitchen...with the lamp on the counter...inspiration for my own counters........sigh........there i go again lol

Lisa said...

a lovely look into your "lately" -- fun porch dancing? Silly is wonderful!! We have a lot of that when our two daughters are together. :)

The tension between enjoying time online and off is one I think we all battle from time to time, I know I struggle with it, and so I just appear/check in as life allows. I do enjoy blogging and visiting with other bloggers (the modern version of having a pen pal?), but! time online can definitely be a distraction from the keeping of home. Like you, I get so much more done when I'm not sitting at my laptop. You are a kindred spirit, Amber. :)

Btw, adorable pony AnnaLynn still draws horses.

And, yes!! Do keep your eyes open for second hand sweaters/knits! Sometimes I find the most wonderful yarn for almost nothing. Just be sure to check the construction of the garment before buying to be sure deconstruction won't be too difficult. xo Lisa :)

Sarah said...

Your photographs are just beautiful.

I take regular internet breaks. You're right they really do make a big difference. x

Jill said...

Great pictures, love seeing all the laughter and joy, making treasured memories...there's nothing better :-)
Have a wonderful day!


Stephen said...

What you describe is one of the reasons I try to keep a little brake on my (heavy) use of the Internet: I don't want it to be something that lets me be OK with being bored. I can't think of a better description of an addiction.

Leslie Kimel said...

It is great to take an internet break once in a while, but I love seeing your pictures. They really capture the beauty of the moment!

Anonymous said...

That is good! I feel that too. It is a hard balance to try to have.

Anonymous said...

I just read this blogpost by Sarah Mae, and thought of you! It spoke right to my heart this morning in all the right places. Just as your blog post did.

Heather said...

Amber, I noticed you were quiet for a while there too. This post was great. I adore your porch swing. I've wanted one like that for a while too, but will have to wait until next year when we extend the porch.

Can't believe how much your kids are growing up! Your daughter is so talented and pretty.

As for the disconnect, you are SO spot on. I've been really noticing lately how little I've been getting done and how much I've been spending looking at the news on a screen. You're inspiring me. I'm going to cut back as well, it's a life-zapper.