Wednesday, August 27, 2014

feeling nostalgic

I wonder if anyone else has fond memories of playing croquet at their grandparents' home?

While exploring a thrift store last week, I came upon this croquet set for $5.00. I was immediately taken back to the days of my childhood summers. Croquet with my sisters and sometimes my cousins during picnics and visits to my grandparents' home. When I think of croquet, I think of my grandparents.

It's funny how certain material objects, smells, and songs trigger fond memories.

Of course, I had to make this croquet set my own. My kids had never played croquet before that evening last week. It was wonderful and very nostalgic to see them enjoying a game that I played as a child. 

Making memories...

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Pam said...

My hubby's family (parents and grandparents and kids) played this all the time when he was growing up. We've played it a few times when our kids were growing up. Yes, happy memories.