Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Lily has been spending many of the rainy day moments at the table with her glass beads and wire, creating pretty things. "Mom, this is sooooo relaxing," she has said to me multiple times in the last few days.

Yesterday, while we were in town, we had to stop so she could buy more jewelry-making supplies. It was so cute, watching her stand in the beading aisle, trying to decide which beads she could afford with her money, picking out the correct gauge of jewelry wire, and so forth.

"Golly, she looks like me when I'm surrounded by yarn," I thought, quite amused.

Her creativity has blossomed over the last few years. That makes me very happy. I'm excited about where this all may take her as she grows up. Brad and I are definitely encouraging her to keep pursuing her creative interests. I have always kept crafting/art supplies plentiful and accessible in our home. That may have something to do with her interest, but I think God has really just made her naturally bent to be a creative, right-brainer. I see it in how she learns in her schooling lessons too.

Right now she is building up a little inventory of jewelry in the hopes of setting out some of her wares at the fall festival I have a booth at in September. I think she'll do well. She's actually really impressing me with what she is making.

I recently started to give private crochet lessons. I had my first official lesson today with a woman and her two daughters. They are homeschoolers as well, and I had met her when our kids took a Spanish class together last summer. I was a bit nervous. But I gave myself a pep talk this morning (Amber, you can do this. Crochet is one of your passions. You know a lot about it. You are good at it. You CAN teach it.), and we had a great time during the lesson.

Well, I think I need to go indulge in a nap. Why do I feel like I need a nap everyday??? I used to think naps were such a waste of precious time. But something happened about two years ago and nap-time became a much-coveted thing in my life. Maybe it's age? I don't know. Brad doesn't understand how I can waste time during the day to lie down for an hour or so, but it's so good, so cozy, so cuddly. Sometimes, no, most times it is just what I need to energize myself for the rest of the day. I don't drink coffee to stay awake. I take a nap. That's probably a healthier route anyway, don't you think? {Wink}

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Lulu said...

she is so creative...Thats so nice to see...
have a great rest of the day..
God Bless..