Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Books I'm reading, yarn, and goodies from the nursery...

The kids and I took a trip to town yesterday for their well-visits. We left a bit early so we could swing by the library, the nursery, and the farm store so I could pick up oyster shells for the chickens.

I rarely go into the library on a mission. Normally, I let the kids free-range and pick out books. Most of their selections are from the juvenile nonfiction ~ insects, mammals, trees, Star Wars, etc., etc. Yesterday, however, I went with a purpose. We are going to be doing unit studies this summer. It will definitely be a casual, laid-back, student-led unit study since it will be during the busy months of summer. Ian decided he wanted to study wilderness survival, and Lily chose to learn more about a subject area that has been fascinating her over the last year or so: rocks, minerals, and gems. And so we picked up a huge stack of books on each topic for the kids. I was delighted to see that the library had a very nice selection on both topics. I plan on sharing more on how I am putting together these unit studies sometime in the near future.

I also found some books for my own reading enjoyment. The Joel Salatin book is one that I've been wanting to read for a while now. It's been on my Amazon wishlist so I was elated to find it on our library shelf yesterday. I also picked up a book on honeybee-keeping and a book on backyard livestock. Brad and I aspire to one day have our own honeybee colony as well as add additional farm animals (alpacas? sheep?) to our little homestead, so we're always sucking up as much information as we can.

I wound up the two hanks of alpaca yarn I purchased a couple of weeks ago. I'll be casting on the auburn colored yarn later today. I can't wait to work with this buttery yarn. Oh my gosh, is it magnificent feeling! I also finished the last of eight skeins of homespun that I knitted into cowls for a customer. She'll have a nice variety of colors to choose from.

Yesterday's stop at our local nursery also proved quite profitable. On my receipt: 20 asparagus crowns, 1 rhubarb plant, 6 eggplant plants, 6 cherry tomato plants, 2 rosemary plants, 8 ranunculus plants, 3 primroses,  12 pansies, 1 pound of red onion sets, and a hanging impatiens basket.

I also found the barn print pictured above. I was paying for our purchases when I happened to look over and see the print for sale. I went over and was just about knocked off my feet. The barn in this print looks almost identical to my grandfather's barn. The barn hasn't been on the farm for quite a few years, having been torn down ages ago, but I just couldn't help but purchase this print because it brought back so many memories of the many days I spent on the farm. Now it's found its home on the shelf in my entryway. 

Today, we will be heading outside to plant our treasures from the nursery (if the clouds hold their rain), and I have my weekly acupuncture appointment this afternoon. The acupuncture seems to be really helping. I'm down to my one regular allergy medication (rather than three), and I'm feeling great! It's very exciting!

Have a blessed day!


Rachel E. said...

I noticed your book on mushrooms. I am so nervous about picking the mushrooms in our yard, even though I am 90 percent positive they are edible. I guess I want an absolute that I am not going to kill myself. :) My husband jokes that all mushrooms are edible, but some you only eat once. Ha! Okay, perhaps not too funny. :)

Anonymous said...

Bees would be very helpful! Especially with all the talk about them disappearing.

The print is so nice! Some day I'm going to get a print like that so I can feel idyllic inside my house !

Enjoy your reading! You are just learning and learning for your home.

Wendi said...

I am so happy that you are feeling better!

I picked up a few flowers this weekend. I hesitate to buy any veggies as we are still having cool nights. A frost/freeze warning is out for Saturday night. Yuck!

Enjoy playing in the dird today!

Our Neck of the Woods said...

The alpaca yarn is so pretty! I'd love to have alpacas someday to make my own yarn. But I guess then I'd have to learn how to knit! haha.

All the books look great. I've been wanting to learn more about edible wild plants so I'd have picked some of those up as well :) Love seeing the bee book!

Staci said...

Ooohhh....the alpaca yarn is scrumptious! I want alpaca's too....someday. Hopefully bees next year.
So, acupuncture for your allergies is actually working? I've thought about it but haven't yet given it try. How long, if you don't mind me asking, did it take to start seeing a change?

Vanessa said...

You should look into having hives. My husband has them and they are very therapeutic, plus the honey is a great reward.