Friday, March 22, 2013

my molly

This is our family dog. Her name's Molly. She's a real sweetheart.

I once said that I would never want to own a small dog. Too jumpy and noisy. And annoying.

And then I saw her. She was a fuzzy, little brown fur ball. And so calm. Unusually calm for a puppy, I remember thinking. And I was smitten. We brought her home.

And now she's my little sidekick which is nice (except when she's underfoot in the kitchen or following me into the bathroom.) She's my little nap buddy. I seem to be taking quite a few naps these days, and she always gets so excited when I say, "Wanna take a nap with me, Molly?!" Really. She does. She starts wagging that little tail and she runs to the bedroom and hops up on the bed. (Yes, she sleeps in our bed. That's another thing I said I would never do that I now do. Sigh.)

And she has this thing with clothing. If we leave any piece of clothing on our bed, she lies herself right down on top of it. I suppose it's softer and more cuddly.

So I just had to share 'cause I snapped these pics of her the other day. While I sat in my chair crocheting, she took her position on the bed, first to keep guard over the neighborhood by staring out the window, then to settle down for a nap when she was certain all was safe in the valley.

She's a silly girl, this Molly.


Sandra said...

She is adorable, what a sweet dog :)

Mine are the same with clothes, I don't know if it's because it has our scent or what, but they will lay right on it :)

Anonymous said...

OMGoah she is a cutie pie! Currently I am a kittie person but truth be told I love all animals! Thanks so much for sharing these photos! Oh, and I spied that collection of yarn in the background... I'm just sayin'!!! :D
Beth P

Marie said...

I love your Molly! She is beautiful. Your yarn cabinet looks so pretty in the background.

Thistle Cove Farm said...

Molly is AAAdorable and I love my four legged companions; they have been such wonderful company since Dave died. Yes, they sleep with me which is nice on these COLD winter nights. When we go do chores, there are 3 dogs and 2 cats that "help". Gosh, I sure miss Dave asking, "How's everything down at the barn?"

A Primitive Homestead said...

She is a cutie. When I read it was your room I was looking for your yarn shelf to. Once I said there would never be a big dog in the house or the bed. She was tiny and she grew and she grew and made her way into our hearts and bed. Blessings! Lara

Staci said...

That's so sweet and completely what I thought about small dogs.....and now I have 2. :) I couldn't imagine them not in our lives.

ali jan qadir said...

Your dog is super cute and I love the pattern on your bed cover too !