Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Scratching the Truth into the Sand...

A young boy of eight etches a giant cross in the sand with the words, "Jesus died on the cross so we cold {could} live."

And it begins to evoke stares.

And the mama's heartrate quickens with the first person who stops and stares at the son scratching the words of Truth into the sand.

Will this act of evangelistic art call for a mama to defend her son {This mama who so detests confrontation?}

But then the observer comes again with his wife and she looks. And she leans over to the young son and says, "Young man, that is very nice."

And the young man freezes in embarrassment and hand-wipes a few words clean. This is the humble, quiet child from my womb. And this unintended attention makes him squirm with discomfort.

And even though the tide will eventually wash away this visible reminder of Christ and His love, even though many feet will trample and the wind will fill the etchings with sand, the Truth of the message can never be destroyed.

And the simple cross with its profound message carved into the sand by the fingers from the flesh of my flesh fills me.

And my heart bursts with gratitude for a son who isn't ashamed of His Savior and His life-giving sacrifice and knows the source of his life. And for the message this young child reminds his mama of, a message she truly knows but often forgets the sheer magnitude of.

Yes, Jesus did indeed die on a cross.
And, yes, He did it so that we all could indeed live and live freely and fully.


Wendi said...

Love it!

Katie said...

Beautiful ~ love this!