Friday, March 9, 2012

Meet Rody and Ruby

Have I ever shared our rabbits with you?

We've been keeping rabbits as pets now for four years.

Right now we have one boy and one girl bunny. They are Holland Lops.

The black one is Rody, the male. The white and black one is Ruby, the female.

Ruby is extremely temperamental and hates to be held or even bothered. Rody, on the other hand, loves to be petted and is kindly affectionate and sweet.

We put them out together in their cage the other day to mate. So, in about 30 days, we should have a litter of kits (baby bunnies.)

(Lily was probably laughing at the mating process. She found it hilarious!)

Anyone interested in a bunny????

Have a blessed Friday!

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A Primitive Homestead said...

Your bunnies are cute. I love how their ears flop over. I have two bunnies. One likes to be held the other not. That photo of Lily is priceless. Good luck with your litter. Blessings!