Thursday, February 23, 2012

Garden Dreaming and Planning...

Good golly! It's almost the end of February!

That means it's time to start planning my summer plantings. I'm excited, but I just don't feel quite ready. Actually I don't feel like I have enough time to even sit down and think about it.

I have the "I want to do everything I've been wanting to do for the past few years and I want to do it this year." That translates: put in three or four raised beds for my herbs and lettuce and onions and whatever else I get a hankering to grow; build some sort of chicken coop or tractor (although that has become a bit complicated since my sister's chickens have been making their way up to our backyard and now I have to think of a way to confine mine; big bummer); start a compost (we started one a couple of years ago but ruined it when we put some things other than vegetation in it so now I want to start a real one); go outside and rip out my old herb plants that I didn't take out before winter; and start seeds, preferably indoors so that they'll be ready for outdoor planting at the beginning of summer (which means I need to buy some equipment so we can do this in our basement).

Here's the big problem. I may be handy with a sewing machine and crochet hook, but I am not the least bit handy with power tools. It's probably because, other than my one mandatory semester of wood shop in high school, I really haven't had much experience with power tools besides a drill.

But I want to learn. Do you think I can do it? It's intimidating to me. I'm not much for measuring. I'm not a fan of numbers. I much rather eye-ball it. That's how I hang pictures on my walls, whereas my mathematically/mechanically inclined husband measures and levels and so forth. But not I. I eyeball, hang it, and then pray it looks mostly decent.

My dear, dear husband is up to his eyeballs with renovation, but it's not at our home. We've been busy renovating our church, and I hate to ask him to build me a coop and get the materials for the raised beds. I actually think I could handle the raised beds. That wouldn't require too much mathematical effort, would it? :)

But for now, I'm going to sit here at my kitchen counter with my books (I'll share some of them with you soon) and a journal, reading about various plants and herbs, sketching my backyard and my garden beds, reviewing chicken farming, and so forth.

And if we don't get to all the stuff I'd like to do, well, there's always next year (or the year after, or the year after that...)

Dreaming of beds overflowing with mint and dill and parsley and other such things,


A Primitive Homestead said...

This is something I like to do. I have a garden journal &'sketches to. I researched raised beds last spring & some great how to projects. Try google. I think you can operate basic power tools to build your raised beds. I decided to go with large rocks to match the flower beds. I have not gotten rocks yet. You may be interested in a mini greenhouse like mine. I did a post about it recently. Purchased it a Tractor Supply. No tools required to assemble. Your plans sound wonderful. Happy planting & Blessings!

Wendi said...

I am dreaming of the same thing. Megan and I (especially Megan) would like to get chicks. Since Chuck is still building the fence I can't ask him to add a coupe to the list. Maybe next year or the year after that.... Until then, I will keep dreaming!

Monica said...

I am in the same boat. My husband is too busy with work, cattle farming, build me raised beds. I need a new composter, my dog keeps getting into the one I have and eating it! We did get our chicken coop done. We bought a small building and built a wall inside to make room for storage of feed and such. quick way to get the job done. I am getting excited about the garden but I can't start seeds because I don't have the space right dream...a green house!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I also sketch and dream! I am so looking forward to warmer days and things growing that we have planted with our own hands and then watch as His magic produces. I LOL in agreement - we are alike b/c I too am an eyeballer!! :)

Unknown said...

Way to get us excited! I don't have garden spots at my home so my thing is pretty plants. Making the front of my house look nice. Last year I planted 2 rose bushes (tiny roses) and 2 mums. Waiting on my 8 or 9 black tulips to come up. Anxious to see if the plants make it to come back up again! I have a black thumb. I just bout some primroses at the grocery store! I am anxious to plant those in May!