Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Chasing the Elusive "Google Monster"...

What began as a relaxing stroll through the snow-covered forest evolved into an imagination-filled journey, chasing down the "google monster" who feeds on the neighborhood ducks and chickens (but is nice and kind, otherwise.)

The boy of the bunch blazed the trail while fighting off the thorny bramble monsters with his wooden sword.

The tracks of the google monster were followed through the thick of the forest as the explorers traversed slippery slopes, climbed over fallen moss-covered trees, and wielded their wooden swords against the thick thorny monsters who threatened to grab a hold of the brave adventurers.

A little girl found the courage deep within to travel down the slippery, snow-covered mountainside, and then, filled with bravery and confidence, climbed the other side, leading the way to the victory.

And in the end, the brave knight battled the "google monster", defeating him with his sword, and saving the neighborhood flock of poultry.

And the brave hero and heroines traveled back to the castle and enjoyed a hot cup of cocoa while basking in the victory of a battle won.


annie said...

Loved the journey...,,,,,!!

April said...

I was wondering why the chickens and ducks were making so much noise when I got home from work!! Haha

Anonymous said...

what a fun adventure!

Wendi said...

What a fun journey!