Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Book Review: When God Whispers Your Name

Did you know that God loves you? That He desires to have an intimate, deeply personal relationship with each of His children? Did you know that it is His desire for us to grow in our faith and grow more and more into the image of His Son?

These are some of the things that Max Lucado writes about in his book, When God Whispers Your Name. In usual Lucado-style, he uses great analogies and stories to drive the points home. Some of these points include: God's grace and love for us; our privilege as His children to lay our burdens at His feet and leave them there; God's desire to change us from the inside out; how to jump start this change through God alone; identifying areas in our lives which may be hindering our growth.

The reader is reminded again and again of how much God loves His children. How much He wants the best for us. How everything that happens in a believer's life serves a purpose.

Lucado also emphasizes that our goal in our faith walk should be growth. Growth in our faith. Growth in our love. Growth in grace. But he also emphasizes that God is understanding, tender, and merciful.

"So the next time you need rest, go ahead. He'll keep you headed in the right direction. And the next time you make progress--thank Him. He's the one providing the power." {Quote from the book.}

This is a typical Max Lucado book, and I don't say that in a disrespectful or negative way. Lucado is a great storyteller and, again, he does a great job with the stories and analogies in this book.

And, as usual, it is a light, happy, easy read. Not so deep that you really have to think and concentrate, but not foofy and fluffy either. Simply stated yet packed with truth.

I did find my mind straying a bit while reading the book, though. There were times when I had to refocus on what the point of the book was because he made a lot of different points. This sometimes made the chapters disconnected. Each chapter was good in content; they just did not all flow together very gracefully, in my opinion.

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Italia said...

In the beginning of the book Lucado wrote, "this book has been written for one purpose, to encourage." That purpose was fulfilled. I could have read this book in probably two hours because it is such easy reading. But instead I spaced it out to where I only read a few pages a day so I could ponder what he said throughout the day. I go back to previous chapters almost daily for a quick encouraging word.
There is so much Lucado says in this book that makes you sit back and smile and say, "Our God is an awesome God!" So, if you want some smiles and encouragement and many good things to ponder throughout your day.