Friday, October 28, 2011

Because You Have a Divine and Mighty Calling as a Mother...

Last night, I cuddled under the covers with my sweet eight-year-old son at bedtime, speaking prayers over him and singing him to sleep. And I felt like I just could have melted with contentment. And I could not help but whisper praise and thanks to my heavenly Father for the blessing He has given me in being a mother.

Sometimes I get frustrated, feeling like I can't fully serve God the way I want to serve Him because I'm so busy at home with the kids, with my husband, with homeschooling, and with homekeeping. I've even second-guessed my decision to homeschool in the past several months because it was so time-consuming and it prevented me from pursuing other "good" ministries, other good works, that had been on my heart.

And then my husband gently asked me, "What are you called to do in your life right now, Amber? What is your purpose?"

And he asked already knowing the answer. Because I've shared my calling with him many times before. It's just that life sometimes distracts and even good things can become hindrances. And these hindrances often then go on to breed discontentment. And discontentment is a joy-drainer and steals away all offerings of thanksgiving.

I answered, "My purpose is to serve my family, to love you and our children, and to make our home a sacred place."

And then I began praying, asking God to take away any desires of mine that were not a part of His Will for my life in this season I am in right now. There may be a time in my future in which He permits and even encourages me to pursue serious writing and some other things that I enjoy, but now my biggest work and my most important calling and mission is to be a godly wife and mother and to make our home a place where hospitality is extended and visitors feel at peace and loved. My calling is to make our home a holy place.

And what a calling that is! It's exciting, really! To think that God has called us as mothers to raise up the next generation to love and know Him! What a great, mighty, purpose-filled calling that is! In fact, it's such a lofty calling, that it requires me (and you) to call upon Him for the strength, wisdom, and grace to fulfill it!

So cuddling up with my precious son, who emerged from my very womb eight years ago, the Spirit just whispered the significance of my role as a mother to my children. And the tears of joy rolled down my cheek to the pillow below. And this is why: No matter what my past has held, no matter what my present or future struggles or sins are, God has called me to this ministry because He has a big purpose for me in the lives of my husband and children.

And I desire to be faithful in that which I have been called.

So stand tall in your calling as a mother. Because it is one of the most precious and significant purposes you can fulfill.

Have a most blessed, joy-filled, peace-filled weekend! I pray that you would all experience and know the deep, deep love that your Father has for you!

P.S. ~ Some books discussing our mission as mothers that I highly recommend. All very encouraging, uplifting, inspiring, and Biblically-sound. And all targeted for Christian mothers...


Unknown said...


I love this post. I am so ready to follow the calling God has laid on my heart. We are going back to Ukraine and I am excited beyond belief.


Anonymous said...

This post has touched my heart in more ways than you can imagine. I am a working mother and I have to be honest and say I envy anyone who can stay at home with their children. I feel God's presence in directing me to make my home a more Godly place, a place where our family can worship. Thank your for your words. May God bless you & your family!