Monday, June 7, 2010

Five Days!!!

Only five days 'til I'm on a plane heading here

Oh, and I just had to share a little story with you all. We had one of the girls from Open Arms Ministry talk to Sergei about his name - whether he wanted an American first name or whether he wanted to keep his first name and have an American middle name.
Well, he said that "the most important thing is that I have their family name." Oh, how sweet that was to hear. Then he said that he wanted his mom (me!) to pick his middle name because he really had no idea and "I trust her." So I decided to give him the middle name of Michael, which is Brad's middle name.
At the same time that all this was going on, an American woman was in Ukraine at Sergei's orphanage for her host son's graduation from the orphanage. She didn't know that I had already picked a name so the one day she sat down with Sergei and asked him if he wanted to pick a name from the Bible. He was happy to.
Well, he ended up deciding on Jeremy, a derivative of Jeremiah. That was absolutely fine with us; we were happy that he picked a name that he wanted and liked.
But I was at my mom's later that day, sharing the story with her, when she said, "I wonder what the name Jeremy means?" So she looked it up on the internet.
Okay, now, you all brace yourselves! Wanna know what Jeremy means????!!!
The name Jeremy means "God will lift up; God will set free." Goodness gracious did that just about knock me off my feet! And the name is a form of the name Jeremiah which means "sent by God." Sent by God indeed!!!!!!!


Pam said...

Good Morning Amber,
How exciting that everything is so close. I am still praying for you. I loved the meaning of the name Jeremy. I love the way the Lord speaks to us. He is so awesome!!

Our boys picked "Steve" for their middle name. That is my husbands middle name (although it is the name he goes by). So now we have 3 boys with "Steve" as a middle name... Our oldest natural born, Nathan has the middle name Steve and our second born Luke has Jacob for his middle name. If we had known that we would set a trend for middle names of the boys, we would have given him Steve also. Ha Ha. Russell's original name was Ruslan, and he chose to vary it so it was more American. Eddies was the Russian Eduard or "Edik" for short as they do in Russia. Olga picked Nicole for her middle name, because she liked the sound of it. There is truly something very special about the name picking. Many, Many blessings to you on your journey. Drop me a line if I can do anything for you.
Much Love,

Erin said... that's a God-given name indeed!

Carrie said...

WOW!... That is to cool! We have an awesome God!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it incredible how God works in every situation - love this!!
Wishing you all the best for your travels and safe keeping for your family back home.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Goosebumps!! That is so awesome. I'm so inspired by your story. Can't wait to hear how the rest plays out.

sharon said...

Hi there! I just started reading your blog last week and it has been a tremendous blessing to me for so many reasons! I am praying for your trip, adoption, and transition for everyone. Many blessing to you and your family!

Carleen said...

I just got goosebumps reading that! I'm very excited for you!!

Linda Stubbs said...

Good morning Amber and family, I got up early this morning to read your past posts. Haven't had the time until this morning............this post got my heart! In the last year the Lord has shown us over and over that He is in the DETAILS. Reading this spoke to my heart big time. How precious. Thank you for praying for our adoption and so glad you got to talk to my Tonya. She was blessed!
Hugs, Linda
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