Saturday, June 26, 2010

Court, Colds, and Crayfish

Well, our court date is fast approaching. That's a wonderful thing. After court, we will have to wait 10 days and then Sergei will become our son on the 11th day. Then we will be off to Sumy for paperwork purposes and then back to Kyiv to wrap things up.

I have been sick all week. Woke up this past Sunday or Monday (can't even remember which day as they all blur together) with a severe sore throat, headache, and exhaustion. Dealing with sickness when you're half way around the world from home sweet home is not very much fun.

I felt pretty good yesterday, but woke up again this morning with a little bit of a sore throat and lots of sinus pressure/burning and a headache. Thankfully, our US facilitator had recommended that we get prescriptions of Cipro filled just in case before we left. So I have that if I feel I need it. I don't like to take antibiotics unless I feel it's absolutely necessary so I'm going to give it a little while longer. So, of course, I would appreciate all your prayers for my speedy recovery.

Last night at dinner, Brad ordered the Ukraininan meat platter (the menu said it was assorted sausage and bacon.) The waitress said that it was really good. So we thought we'd try something different. Well, this is what we got...

It looked raw. The bacon was raw. The sausage was very fatty and, uh, different, than what we've always known sausage to be. And the purple looking sausage must have been some kind of liver because it tasted bloody. You know that blood taste? Yes, that's what it tasted like. We just had to chuckle. I asked Brad if he was going to stick to ordering chicken from now on and his answer was a resounding "yes!" We did try to stomach some of it, but we left a lot. It didn't taste the best and I really didn't want to end up with stomach problems on top of the head cold!

We've been hanging out at the river with Sergei and his friends the last few days. They've been catching crayfish, and, boy, do they have big crayfish around here! It's very sandy here so yesterday while they caught crayfish, I made myself comfortable and sprawled out in the sand by the river and imagined I was at Emerald Isle relaxing by the ocean. It was nice. I'm all about the beach, by the way.

Have a blessed day!

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Pam said...

So sorry you have been sick. It is so hard to be sick when you are away from home and longing for your own bed and bathroom.

I love the pictures of the crawdad fishing. I love that you guys get to enjoy that kind of thing while you are there. It is just so sweet. The country side there looks very pretty. Your adoption process is so different from what ours was. Other than so many weeks away from home, it looks like a wonderful adoption process.

It is really wonderful how Sergei looks so much like the two of you. I know you mentioned earlier the resemblance to your husband, but I think he looks so much like both of you.

Keeping you in my prayers.
Many blessings to you all.
Much Love,