Thursday, December 3, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up!

Phew! I've been busy. But haven't we all?!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and now we are enjoying preparing for Christmas and, of course, for Sergei's arrival (he arrives in a little over one week!) It's been slow this year. Normally I decorate the day after Thanksgiving, but we've been so busy running that I haven't gotten much done yet.

Part of the craziness was that we decided to paint our kitchen, dining, and living rooms. That would be why this girl hasn't tackled the Christmas decorations. I just got all of my wall decor and window treatments hung back in place yesterday. And finally, our home is in a semi-neat stage that I can now begin decorating.

Brad and the kids also repainted the bunkbeds that Ian and Sergei will be using while he is here. That was quite a feat, let me say! Lily had paint ALL through her hair. Oh goodness, it took a while to get it cleaned up! But they had so much fun!

I did bring my little tree and poinsettias up into the entryway yesterday. I also managed to take down all the outside fall stuff and put up my Christmas wreaths. We also got out our advent calendar since it was already two days into December, and Ian had been begging me since Tuesday to get it out. He also enjoyed putting out our nativity. Oh, and I hung the mistletoe.

Today after school, I'll be toting all the bins upstairs and putting up the rest! I love decorating for Christmas! Oh, and I've already started baking C-mas cookies. My mom, sister and I got together on Tuesday and baked all day. The cookies are in the freezer waiting to be consumed closer to Christmas time (but don't let me fool you, I've already done my fair-share of digging into the stash!)

Oh, and I just had to share that I won a giveaway from Marie at Marie's Home & Hobbies. She was giving away six of her lovely tatted snowflakes, and I was so excited when there was a message from her in my inbox informing me I had won. Yippee!!! Look how pretty they look hanging on my little tree in the entryway...

She also sent me a sweet little cross-stitched burlap ornament as well, but my camera battery died just as I was going to take a pic of it. Oh, and let me tell you what else Marie included in my package ('cause I think this is so incredibly sweet.) This wonderful woman who has never even met me or even talked to me sent us money to help fund Sergei's hosting! Marie - thank you so very much. You are incredibly sweet, and we feel so blessed by your generosity!!!!

Well, I must get back to my duties so I can have fun decorating this afternoon!


My Trendy Tykes said...

mmmm Christmas cookies!

Mandy said...

I love your little tree! Your kitchen looks a lot like mine. I have pictures of mine posted right now - come take a look!

Unknown said...

Sounds like you have been busy. Have fun decorating!

Wendi said...

The tree in the entryway looks super cute. Happy to see a post from you!

Marie said...

Amber, Thanks for sharing the snowflake on your tree. I have to say it looks right pretty if I must say so! Ha! Thanks for the kind words and I wish all the best with your guest during the holidays. I look forward to hearing about your time together.