About Me...

Hello.  My name is Amber.  You don't know how honored I feel to have you here visiting my humble little blog.  My desire with this blog is to use it to glorify my Father in Heaven.  I pray that you would find holy encouragement and inspiration here.  My prayer is that God would use this space as a platform for His Kingdom's glory. 

I am just a country-living, 30-something, homeschooling wife and mother to three.  I love fulfilling my calling as a wife and mother, and I feel incredibly blessed to be able to stay at home.  I desire a simple life, although I complicate it sometimes.  : )  I immensely enjoy knitting, crocheting, reading, baking, cooking, and crafting. I also find much enjoyment jotting down my thoughts and prayers both in journal form and also here in my little part of cyberspace.

I am a homesteading-gal wanna-be.  Our goal is to start our little homestead in 2012, Lord-willing.  In the meantime, I enjoy reading books and blogs from those who have already gone before and established their homesteads.

I pray that you'll be blessed as you visit Making A Home.  Thanks for stopping by!